The best steak in melbourne

Angus & Bon, 168 Greville Street Prahran. Picture: Eugene Hyland

The Best Steak In Melbourne

After centuries of hunting for meat, it’s no surprise that even in this day and age, humans still have the innate craving that leaves us salivating at the thought of a juicy steak, fresh off the grill. After all, it’s nutrient rich and has been credited for fuelling the entire human race’s progression up the food chain. But beyond that, it’s simply delicious when prepared well.

Our methods have certainly advanced since our ancestors, especially in Australia’s food capital – Melbourne. So, this begs the question: Which restaurants do the best steaks in Melbourne? Thankfully there are a few reliable groups who have done all of the hard work and sourced the best steaks that this culinarily dynamic city has to offer. We consulted the lists compiled by the big players in the food blogging game and what we found was far from disappointing!

It is with great pride that we can confirm that our Prahran based steakhouse, Angus & Bon, is recommended as a ‘must try’ in a number of lists naming Melbourne’s top steak venues. These include Broadsheet’s Top 15 ‘Best Steaks in Melbourne’ list, Urban List’s Top 15 ‘Where to find the best steaks in Melbourne’ article and Time Out’s Top 10 ‘The best steak in Melbourne’ write-up. Unsurprisingly, this put Angus & Bon up there with the likes of Dinner by Heston, Rockpool, San Telmo and Vlado’s, among other standout Melbourne restaurants and steakhouses.

Steak Frites
Angus & Bon, 168 Greville Street Prahran. Picture: Kate Shanasy

It seems one of the main factors that connects these world class venues is the considered sourcing of some of Australia’s highest quality ingredients from reputable, local suppliers. At Angus & Bon, we pride ourselves on the high standard of the produce we use, particularly our beef, and we design our menus to suit seasonal availability for maximum flavour. These suppliers include big names like David Blackmore Wagyu, Kobe Wagyu, Sher Wagyu, King Island Beef, O’Connor’s Beef, and Red Gum Creek, each of whom are award winners in their own fields.

In order to do justice to our exquisite product, the chefs at Angus & Bon employ a more traditional method that throws back to that of our ancestors but with far more finesse. Since opening in 2017, each of the steaks that have come out of the A&B kitchen have been grilled on the custom-built wood-grill, essentially a large wood-fuelled fire, as opposed to the more common gas-fuelled grill. This method requires a great deal of skill from the kitchen but it’s well worth it for the beautifully smoky, charred flavour that it produces. Paired with crisp shoestring fries, a fresh side salad and some tangy bearnaise sauce, and you have yourself a beautifully balanced Steak Frites that will keep you coming back every time! Why not try one of the best steaks in Melbourne for yourself on a Thursday when we offer a selection of premium cuts of meat, wood-grilled to your liking, for a discounted price of $30. Or on a Monday or Tuesday when we dish up Porterhouse Steak Frites with a glass of beer or wine for only $30 a head! Explore these deals and all of our other offerings on the events page of our website, as well as all of the premium cuts we have on offer ever day of the week on our menu page.

Wagyu Steak
Angus & Bon, 168 Greville Street Prahran. Picture: Eugene Hyland

If one thing is clear, it’s that many elements need to fall into place to dish up some of Melbourne’s best steaks, but there’s no denying that Angus & Bon is up there with the best in town when it comes to cooking first-rate steaks.

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