Top Five Places For A Melbourne Sunday Brunch

The Melbourne population takes their brunch very seriously, which is perhaps why queues outside hot new cafes and restaurants are the longest during weekend brunch hours. This culture has led to a number of places popping up to compete in the Melbourne Sunday brunch scene.

Meaty brunch table at Angus & Bon

Here’s our list of top five places you shouldn’t miss if you too are a fan of brunches.

Our Top Picks For Melbourne Sunday Brunch

1) Angus & Bon

Angus & Bon, Melbourne Sunday brunch

Top of the list and everyone’s favourite pick for an exquisite brunch experience, Angus and Bon is a relatively new restaurant. Occupying the historic Prahran Post Office built in 1928, this restaurant brings you a unique New York-style vibe. 

Angus and Bon is definitely home to the best steaks you can find anywhere in Melbourne. And with plenty more to offer, it clearly hosts one of the most happening Sunday brunches in the city.

Try imagining a modern restaurant with views of exposed brick walls and curved upholstered booths, paired with an incredible list of meat, seafood and vego dishes – if this is where you’re headed for your brunch, then you’re in for a great time.

Angus & Bon celebrates the Melbourne Sunday brunch tradition like the event it is; they even have a special Weekend Bottomless Brunch.

With an unlimited supply of Mimosa, Bellini, Cider Aperol Spritz, Bloody Mary, and Colonial Beer in just $39, what more could you possibly want.

You can pair your drinks with any main course offered on their Bistro menu, and have a great time with friends or family.

2) Rudimentary

If you’re one of those people who have already explored every possible brunch hotspot in the area, then you may have already come across Rudimentary.

But for those of you who haven’t, reaching this place requires trekking to the suburban are of Footscray

Once you make it there, the menu will delight you with its inclusive diet and exceptional flavour.

The must-haves here include the sticky date waffle and the saffron pilaf breakfast bowl.

3) Archie’s All Day

This charming diner gets its unique vibe from the bluestone building it is housed in. It is a great Sunday meeting place for you and your friends to start the day with their Boozy Brunch menu.

It offers everything from Bloody Mary, to the Virgin Mary cocktail, the bubbly Vallformosa, and Mojitos and Mimosas.

With a turntable and courtyard in the back, Archie’s has a very wholesome and nostalgic atmosphere – think café’s in the early 2000s. 

If you’re newer to the café scene, you will love Archie’s for the fusion of refinement and sophistication that it is a symbol of.

4) The Kettle Black

Located near Albert Park, Kettle Black  is a great option for a  Melbourne Sunday brunch.

Offered on the menu are some of the most sought after delicacies, including their healthy breakfast salad made from sautéed vegetables, miso-almond hummus and a beautifully poached egg sitting on top.

Kettle Black offers both indoor and outdoor seating where you can enjoy your Sundays with an assortment of breakfast cocktails on the menu.

5) Babajan

If you’re in Melbourne and aren’t familiar with the diversity that the city and its cafes offer, then you should visit Babajan.

The food offered here takes inspiration from the aromatic cuisine of Turkey, such as the simit.

This place, despite its unique ambiance, has everything a quintessential Melbourne café must have: great lighting, exceptional service and warm wooded surfaces.


While Angus & Bon remains everyone most preferred spot for a Sunday brunch with friends and family our top five list should help you find your favorite.

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